In the second last game of the regular season, Ballarat has defeated an impressive Monash side 28-17, in a match that looked like it could have gone either way.

Ballarat has proved too strong for Puckapunyal, as they have defeated them in their third away game in a row.

In their third and final game on the road, Ballarat has overcome a strong Puckapunyal side to claim their 5th win for the season.

The Ballarat Rugby Union Club has been overcome by a strong Cerebrus outfit for their first loss of the season.

In their second of three straight games away on the road, Ballarat has been defeated by Cerebrus 22-29.

The Ballarat Rugby Union Club has defeated Kiwi Hawthorn in the dying seconds for a 4th straight win.

In the toughest match to date, Ballarat have prevailed and defeated Kiwi Hawthorn in Melbourne, 10 - 5.

The SPOC Ballarat Rugby Club have won their third match straight after defeating Melton 31-27.

After two convincing wins to start off the season, Ballarat have defeated a very physical Melton side to continue their 2016 campaign success.